About us

Kathy at her desk
Brian boru the brat mink

You are my inspiration

You are why we do what we do,

We are thrilled that everyone who uses buys and wears or gives as gifts our jewelry, knows they are getting sturdy charm jewelry and unique one of a kind pieces worthy of the Dragon Queen.


Celtic Mink Jewelry


My Story

Celtic Mink Jewelry is named for my Irish heritage and favorite pet, my mink, aka the jewelry thieves, like magpies they are attracted, bright, shiny, colorful objects.  I took up making jewelry as a hobby.  Hobbies are things you can pick up and put down.  I didn’t put it down.  Instead, I kept making jewelry, buying new tools, acquiring new skills and ideas.  At the urging of my son, Teddy, and my friend, Tasia I started trying to sell my jewelry.  I started small on Facebook in sales groups.  My jewelry actually sold.  Someone wanted my product, my designs, my handmade jewelry.  The orders for custom jewelry followed.  I quickly registered my business formally with the local state government, we became legal

Whoa, humans…lies… all… lies…

Celtic Mink Jewelry wasn’t founded by Kathy Gallagher, but by her mink.  Us the Celtic Mink.  Stealers and stashers of jewelry.  We love jewelry too.  It’s bright, shiny colorful.  It used to be as kits we had to settle for the bracelets on Kathy’s wrist.  As we got older, bigger, stronger, and faster we were able to raid the jewelry box on the dresser too.  That got boring.  We’d take and place in our favorite hiding spots.  Kathy would take it all back put it in the jewelry box.  We’d just have to retrieve the jewelry again and put it where it belonged.

Kathy took up making jewelry. 

Voila!  Magic!  There was new jewelry in the box.  More jewelry to like than ever.  So much to look at, play with, steal, and stash.  Even that wasn’t enough.  First, we watched.  Soon we learned.  After that, we tried ourselves.  With practice.. tools are so hard to use….we perfected our craft…mink made jewelry!

 Like the tiny humans in the Irish stories we love to hear, that made shoes, we make the jewelry.  Kathy claims credit for our work.  We are the real designers and creators of the Celtic Mink Jewelry you love.  We elected Mace and Azul our spokes animals.  Actually, they contacted the graphic designer before anyone else could and told her Kathy said to use their pictures in the artwork.  Sneaky..little..oh wait, this is a family page.

As you can see, I’m mink owned. Don’t let them near the keyboard.  You never know what nonsense they might type. 

I’ve been making jewelry for over 15 years.  I started this business in Oct 2014.  First I flirted with selling on Facebook.  From there I’ve moved on to Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Poshmark, and many more selling venues.   It wasn’t the same as having my own website.

On the backend, I rely on a variety of software and Shannon to make it all work together.

I do many kinds of jewelry from simple jewelry, called charms on chain to more complex beaded jewelry, wire wrapping, and chainmail.  I rely on Tasia to help me get it made, so it’s ready to go out the door.  I love the intersection of beads, chainmail, and gemstone pendants.

My dream has always been my own website.  After many missteps and failures, I’ve finally gotten my own site up.  Welcome to Celtic Mink Jewelry and Treasures.  You’ll see many things here that won’t make it to my sales venues.  My prices are lower.  I don’t have the overhead that I have to pay to sell on other sites.

As an animal lover, I donate 5% of my gross sales to Mink International Rescue and Recovery, because pet mink are near and dear to my heart.  I also donate jewelry to fundraisers for a variety of animal causes.