Frostbitten: Brilliance to Brighten Your Winter Wardrobe

Catseye Glass Beaded Jewelry


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Frostbitten:  Brilliance to Brighten your Winter wardrobe.


Tell m a story of color and light to warm my Winter night.  Winter days are short, and the nights are long.   In this cold dark of winter, we all need things to enhance what little light there is.  The Celtic Mink Frostbitten Collection is just that – Brilliance to brighten your Winter wardrobe.

To enhance your wardrobe, we have to introduce touches of color.  The shimmering hues of the Catseye glass bead are delicate colors, vivid colors, daring colors. Catseye glass is created in a laboratory and imitates the feline cat’s eye using light’s optical illusion.  The chatoyancy, an optical property of Catseye glass, gleams like the pupil of a cat’s eye or like the bright reflection of sunlight on crystallized snow. 

The Celtic Mink Frostbitten Collection has brilliant Catseye glass jewelry that will brighten and add color to the darkest night.  Catseye glass is one of the finest glass beads available and comes in many colors and sizes.  It’s brilliant and fun. Celtic Mink Catseye Jewelry is available in many styles and colors, including gray, yellow, blue, black, and white.  All of Celtic Mink Catseye Jewelry is full solid Catseye glass designed never to let the colors fade.

If you are looking for an exciting piece of jewelry, definitely consider the Celtic Mink Catseye.  Put light into your wardrobe with elements from the Celtic Mink Frostbitten Collection. 


 How to Wear Winter Jewelry

Just because the temperatures have dropped, your jewelry doesn’t have to move to the side.  It can be complicated to style jewelry in the cold of winter, given the wardrobe’s layering.  Colorful Celtic Mink Catseye beaded necklaces go with almost everything.

Celtic Mink Catseye glass beaded jewelry stands out on any layer, as they look beautiful with a V-sweater to a simple turtleneck.  Alternately, you can turn your Celtic Mink Catseye glass beaded necklaces into a wrap bracelet. 

No matter your clothes, a brightly colored pop of Celtic Mink Catseye color can shine through dark winter nights. Discover your style