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Wire wrapping tools, wire beads

Welcome to CMJ Blog.  We’re glad you stopped by Celtic Mink Jewelry. Here, imagination and skill combine.  We bring you a world of beauty and charm. We can’t get enough of making beautiful jewelry and home decor by hand.  We can’t wait to share our one-of-a-kind products with you. We at Celtic Mink Jewelry think that every piece of jewelry and home decor should be a work of art.  Each in its own right should bring you joy.

Our CMJ blog will explore our collections.  Each piece is made with love and care.  Skilled artisans, create each piece. Such pieces are meant to add a touch of fun, elegance, and personality.  You can find the perfect statement necklace to dress up your outfit.  Or a one-of-a-kind piece of decor to change the look of your home. Here is where creativity meets craftsmanship.

The CMJ Blog explores the world of handcrafted gifts. We talk about the art that goes into making our jewelry and home decor. It shows you how they can improve your life. We invite you to look through our beautiful collections.  Get ideas from our stories. Learn about the skill of making each piece a real work of art.