My love of handmade jewelry is part of the inspiration for my business.  I started buying unique pieces in the dealer’s room of sci-fi conventions.  I grew tired of my cute, but thrifty priced pieces,  breaking, my gorgeous handmade pieces surviving the abuse of thieving little weasels.

 I’m a weasel fan and long-time owned by ferrets and pet mink.  They stole the bracelets off my wrist and everything in my jewelry box to hide..  Only the handmade ones survived.

 My biz has a weird name.  I named it after my Irish heritage and my thieving pet mink.  I don’t use animal parts or fur in my creations.

 As a fantasy and sci-fi fan and pet lover, I want my jewelry treasured by the Dragon Queen herself.


Celtic Mink Jewelry


 We are thrilled that everyone who uses buys and wears or gives as gifts our jewelry, knows they are getting sturdy charm jewelry and unique one of a kind pieces worthy of the Dragon Queen.

 Before I created Celtic Mink Jewelry and Treasures, I was a retired accountant transformed into a stay at home wife.

 Then one day I got bored.  I was unable to return to work due to health issues.  I took up jewelry crafting.

 I was concerned that my health issues would get in the way of running a business. I’d already had closed my accounting firm.  My friend, ever the problems solver, said sell online.  The internet is open 24/7/365.  Let it do the work.

 I decided to create the most beautiful yet unique, affordable everyday jewelry as wearable art.  Heritage jewelry is lovely.  No one wears it, except for special occasions.  The rest of the time it sits.  I want my jewelry to be your every day “go to” pieces for men and women who wear jewelry.

 It turns out; the road was more difficult than I imagined.

 I had trouble learning to sell online.  There was so much software to learn.  I had to find beautiful, yet affordable sources to buy from.  I made bad choices about choosing sales venues and consultants to help me.  I felt ripped off, alone, and betrayed.

 I had to learn a variety of new skills, new software.  Finding affordable sources came from research, joining groups and online forums and chatting with other crafters.  Some crafters were willing to share resources.

 Before releasing my first products, I feared no one would buy my jewelry.  I would be competing with crafters with many more years experience than I had.

 Through it all, we released our first products, and the response has been epic.  I’ve received so much positive feedback and encouragement to continue.

 Here we are, hoping like so many others you’ll find that perfect piece of jewelry for the day of the week that ends in “Y”.