Agricultural Animal Jewelry

A line of jagricultural animal jewelry pieces inspired by the culture and history of America’s rural farm and ranch families. Farmers and ranchers are proud of their work. Animal-themed jewelry is perfect for someone who has everything, including those who love farm animals. Browse our animal-shaped pendants made of fine pewter if you are interested in unique, handcrafted pieces that can be personalized to your specifications.
A collection of jewelry pieces with designs and themes based on the heritage of rural farm and ranch families in America. Farmers and ranchers take great pride in their work and would like to flaunt it by donning fine jewelry pieces with meaningful symbols. The metalwork is crafted from fine pewter, which has an astonishingly high level of depth and realism. Farms that breed and raise animals can purchase highly realistic, three-dimensional necklaces of farm animals. Those participating in livestock shows or raising Longhorn cattle might appreciate a Cow Necklace or Bull Jewelry. A wide selection of pig, goat, Cow, Bull, and lamb jewelry is available here.
Most farms in the 1950s were owned and operated by families. The animals were free to roam in the open and enjoy the sunshine and clean air while they grazed. The people took refuge in barns with straw floors during storms.
Large-scale industrial operations (often called “factory farms”) now dominate the animal agriculture industry. They put profit before animal welfare by treating livestock like commodities rather than living beings. Thousands of animals are housed in one building and raised in cramped conditions that they cannot even walk around. Meat, eggs, and dairy products made in this way have a lower than average price tag. There could be severe repercussions for farm animals, the environment, conventional farming, human health, and the quality and safety of food despite the low price at the register.
Over 9 billion chickens, pigs, cattle, turkeys, sheep, goats, ducks, and geese are raised yearly in the United States for human consumption. Each one is a thinking, feeling, and social being who can take pleasure in the world around them.
There is an entire cycle of life for domesticated animals on a farm, from birth to transportation and eventual death. At every turn, one can choose to be cruel or kind. Nonetheless, there are more humane and economic approaches to every stage of industrial production.

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