Ankle bracelets

We would like to welcome you to our anklet selection, also sometimes referred to as ankle bracelets. An anklet, also called ankle chain, ankle bracelet or ankle string, is an ornament worn around the ankle .These dainty jewelry pieces are ideal for warm summer weather because they can be worn without socks and lend an air of sophistication to any outfit. They are the perfect summer jewelry accessory. At Celtic Mink Jewelry, we carry a wide variety of anklets that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also carry significant meaning.

Anklets have been worn for centuries. They have carried various connotations in the diverse cultures in which they have been worn. For example, anklets were widely worn by women of all social strata in ancient Egypt because they were considered essential jewelry pieces. As a result, they were known as menefret (mnfrt), which means ankle bracelets, and many felt that the fact that they were worn so close to the ground gave them some sort of protective jewelry.

Moreover, anklets have been utilized as a love symbol and dedication. The groom traditionally gave an anklet to the bride as a token of his love for her. His wish, in several cultures, is to marry her. Therefore, there is a common belief that left ankle bands signify love or marriage and is commitment jewelry or wedding jewelry.

These delicate jewelry pieces can carry various connotations, based not only on their shape and color, but also on the foot they are worn on. Celtic Mink Jewelry has a wide range of styles and designs of anklets to cater to each customer’s interests and inclinations.

Anybody wanting to enhance their style with a dash of class and significance will find the right accessory in our assortment of anklets. Create a unique outfit that represents your individuality and sense of style by layering numerous ankle bracelets.

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