Butterfly Kisses Insect Jewelry

Butterfly Kisses Jewelry Collection

Butterfly Kisses Jewelry Collection by Celtic Mink Jewelry is a handcrafted collection featuring bright and vividly colored butterfly jewelry and shimmering dragonflies. Butterflies make us think of spring in all its wondrous glory and represent hope and renewal. In these dire times, we need joy. So we created the Butterfly Kisses Jewelry Collection by Celtic Mink Jewelry as our response to the current world crisis.

You can show your love for butterflies with pieces from the Butterfly Kisses Jewelry Collection. We feature colorful glass and gemstones, energy, shinies, and fine pewter and silverplated alloys. The collection will let your imagination take to flight. It includes shimmering dragonflies, colorful butterflies, many with stunning gemstones, to insects of the imagination like the beautiful fairy floating on butterfly wings

The butterfly symbolism is primarily concerned with the representation of our lives. However, the butterfly has a deep connection with the souls in many cultures. Dragonflies are shimmering iridescent insects that live near ponds. A dragonfly symbol represents transformation and change. It serves as a reminder to you to bring more light and joy into your life. It warns you not to stay in the dark or the shadows.

In addition to creativity, changes, pulsing joy, endless potential, transformation, and spiritual rebirth, the butterfly’s spiritual meaning profoundly resonates with the Christian ascension belief.

The meaning of the butterfly and the concept of symbolism are derived from the butterfly’s life cycle. The cycle itself defines the spiritual significance of the butterfly and provides us with a wealth of information. The butterfly hatches from an egg and begins its life as a caterpillar.

The 320 million year old dragonfly is the oldest known species (Delitzschala bitterfeldensis). Another is the extinct dragonfly genus ‘Namurotypus.’ Dragonflies are insects that have been around for a long time. They existed before the dinosaurs. Ancient dragonflies could have been much larger than those we see today. The oldest known dragonfly specimen is a fossilized impression of a dragonfly wing discovered in an English coal mine. This dragonfly had an 8-inch wingspan and lived 320 million years ago. The largest dragonfly ever recorded had a wingspan of 24 inches (two feet). Today, the largest dragonfly can be found in South America and has a wingspan of slightly more than seven inches. Apart from being smaller, mod

A dragonfly encourages you to explore your emotions and invites your spirit to fly with your true colors. Have you ever seen a dragonfly in the sun? It’s stunning!

What do dragonflies represent? A dragonfly challenges us to let go of our illusions. It asks us to reflect our inner light because it reflects light.

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