Frostbitten Jewelry: Brillant Catseye Glass Jewelry to Brighten Your Winter Wardrobe

Brilliant Catseye glass jewelry to brighten your winter wardrobe. An exquisite range of Catseye glass colors jewelry. Frostbitten jewelry adds a graceful accent to any winter ensemble, ranging from pale to bold colors. Our Catseye glass reflects our fascination with all things feline. Mix and match our colorful pieces from statement necklaces, stackable bracelets, and delicate earrings. Give yourself the power to transform your winter wardrobe and appearance with our handcrafted Catseye glass jewelry pieces.

The term cat’s eye, or chatoyancy, is used to describe man-made glass. This is a phenomenal optical property in gemstones. In this case, the effect, when present, appears as a bright, narrow slit. It’s similar to the pupils in the eyes of your favorite feline. This phenomenon is caused by parallel fibrous or needle-like inclusions that interfere with light through the crystal. It scatters and reflects light to the viewer. Who sees a thin line. Although in this case, the phenomenon is not natural. It offers an affordable alternative to this rare phenomenon seen with some natural gems.

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