Our Keychains are especially detailed, with a pendant, chain, and split ring (as shown) to hold your keys. It can also be used to make pendants and zipper pulls. If requested, the optional hardware listed above is provided free of charge.Before we get into the various styles, it’s important to understand why you need a keychain in the first place. You could be looking for one for a number of reasons.

Keychains were initially used as luck tokens in ancient civilizations before Keychains were sold in gift shops everywhere. If you’ve ever been to an arcade, you’re probably familiar with the dyed “rabbit’s foot” keychain that costs about ten tickets. That foot is based on actual objects carried by Celts in 600 BC. The only difference is that they would cut a rabbit’s foot off because they believed it could communicate with the underworld in its burrow. Likewise, carrying a rabbit’s foot on twine was considered lucky because it was associated with increased fertility.

The Celts were not the only ones who carried luck charms and amulets. An ancient Egyptian artifact is on display at New York’s Metropolitan Museum. It’s a hedgehog carved out of soapstone and dangling from a string. Little is known about why this was thought to be lucky, but scholars believe it has something to do with hedgehogs being tough creatures capable of withstanding harsh conditions. There were those in the Middle East who wholeheartedly believed in the power of the “evil eye.” This talisman was carried on a string. It to transfer negative energy to those who looked at it. These are just a few of the numerous luck symbols that have existed since the dawn of time.

The car key distinguishes Model Ts from the vehicles we use to commute to work every day. Vehicles had to be physically cranked to start when the cars were first introduced.  However, by the end of World War I, their power and size had grown, resulting in electric motors requiring keys and ignitions. Some of the first automobile keys were made for Chrysler, Ford, and Chevrolet. Customers would leave the dealership with a customized keychain featuring the car’s manufacturer. This promotional item gave the keyring a personal touch, making drivers more likely to stick with a specific car brand.

What are the different kinds? What is it about them that we find so appealing? Then, it’s time to start thinking about your next gift.

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