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Pendants and Charms by Celtic Mink Jewelry

A necklace is a piece of jewelry that goes around your neck, but a pendant is a small piece of jewelry that can be attached to an anklet, necklace chain, or bracelet.

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A pendant is a loose-hanging piece of jewelry, generally attached by a small loop to a necklace, known as a “pendant necklace.” A pendant earring is an earring with a piece hanging down. Its name stems from the Latin word pendere and the Old French word pendr, “to hang down.” In modern French, the pendant is the gerund form of pendre (“to hang”) and also means “during.” The extent to which the design of a pendant can be incorporated into an overall necklace makes it not always accurate to treat them as separate items.

When people began wearing pendants, they were decorative or supernatural in nature were established in the beginning.
• Amulet is to provide the wearer with extraordinary advantages or powers.
• Talismans were worn as a kind of personal protection
• Locket You can put anything you like inside the locket, but it’s most common to be an actual photograph or an actual strand of hair.
• Medallions, the most common form, is a coin-shaped metal pendants worn around the neck awarded for religious blessings and accolades are the most common forms.
• Fashion pendants are some of the most popular. It hangs loosely from a chain or necklace like a small creative piece made of precious or non-precious stones and metals like diamonds or pearls. These are often worn as a fashion accessory or statement piece.
• Other pendants jewelers began using digital components like USBs around the dawn of the twenty-first century.

There are several factors to consider while choosing a pendant’s size, including the outfits it will be worn with, its color, its general appearance, and the events or functions it will be used for.
It is crucial to consider the pendant’s style and weight while choosing a chain. Single-stranded chains like the curb or snake chain are ideal for modern designs. On the other hand, a larger or more ornate chain may better suit a pendant with a more traditional design.

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