Valentines Day Jewelry Collection

We present our new Valentines Day Jewelry Collection.

In spring, a young man’s thoughts turn lightly to love” I would like to show the other side of this. Where is the woman in this phrase? Is she just a passive object waiting for his man’s love? Let the woman take charge of her own heart. She owns it. Only she can decide if she wants to share her feelings or keep them to herself. Just let her hold that padlock and key to her heart and choose whether to share it or not in her interdependent relationships.
Our very New arrival of the Jewelry line speaks for those graceful and independent women. Our collection overflows with classic gemstone hearts, heart-shaped lock pendants, and rhinestone hearts with keys. There are also matching sets and delicate stand alone products in our collection. In addition, we have lush green moss agates, clear quartz, light pink quartz hearts, highly patterned silver crazy lace agates, and aqua blue faux turquoise howlite.
At the center of our collection are 4 glamorous and eye catching gemstone necklaces with hearts down one side and a sparkling heart-shaped padlock with no key. This is mainly for a woman who owns and knows their own heart. The rest is more traditional and versatile, with matching necklaces and earrings.
Valentine’s day is celebrated annually on 14th February and is closely related to romance. Many legends associated Valentine’s Day with helping the lovers, so everyone hails it as romance. The Greek philosophers symbolized the heart as a house of strong emotions, including love. Songs, literature, poetry, and art stood out as love as just a literary concept through centuries. By the start of the 14th century, the V-shaped heart had appeared, and it was being used in manuscripts, playing cards, and brooches.
The Victorians valued and popularized the heart-shaped padlock and key as a sign of love. Jewelry was used as a hidden symbol of faith and passion. Lovers exchanged heart-shaped locks as a secret sign to protect that love. It is the perfect symbol of an unbreakable bond of love between the couple. Gifts are exchanged worldwide on this exceptional occasion. “

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