• Christmas reindeer necklace 2080
  • Tiny Christmas raindeer necklace 2081
  • tiny Christmas raindeer necklace 2081
  • Tiny Christmas raindeer necklace 2081
  • tiny Christmas reindeer necklace 2081
  • Dec 3rd Last day guaranteed for Xmas

Tiny Christmas Reindeer Necklace 2081


Tiny Christmas Reindeer Earrings. Since Santa lives at the North Pole, he still uses reindeer to pull his sleigh. In addition to their other duties, Santa’s reindeers can fly.

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Tiny Christmas reindeer necklace. Since Santa lives at the North Pole, he still uses reindeer to pull his sleigh. In addition to their other duties, Santa’s reindeers can fly. Magic (or science we don’t understand) endows them with this ability. Reindeer are semi domesticated. They are native to Northern Europe and Siberia. People still herd reindeer.

Our tiny reindeer charms are

  • The reindeer charm is 1 inch by .5 inches (2 cm x 1.5 cm)
  • Silvertone Chain
  • 18 inch (45 cm) silvertone chain
  • 2 inches (5 cm) extender chain
  • Adjustable to 20 inches (51 cm)
  • Secured with a lobster claw clasp

Handmade necklace.

Reindeer have been domesticated since the 11th century, but new evidence shows they’ve been domesticated for over 2,000 years. They are used as work animals and raised for their milk, meat, and hides. Reindeer still contribute to the pastoral economy, sold on the open market to buy snowmobiles, food, cellphones, and computers.

Santa’s reindeer first was discussed in 1821, when New York printer William Gilley published an unnamed author’s 16-page booklet named A New Year’s Present to the Little Ones from Five to Twelve, Part III:

With much delight, old Santeclaus
This frosty night, his reindeer are driving.
Over chimneytops and snow tracks,
To bring you his yearly gifts.

The poem A Visit from St. Nicholas, popularly called ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, was released shortly afterward, in 1823, in the Troy Sentinel. For the first time, the poem contains 8 flying reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh, identified by name.

Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, started guiding Santa’s sleigh in 1939, when Robert L. May wrote the story of “the most famous reindeer of all” for his employer, the department store Montgomery Ward, as a Christmas coloring book. The coloring books were given to children as holiday gifts to entice their parents to visit and shop at the store. (Personal note, my mother had 1 of these books and read it to us at Christmas,)
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Our Tiny Christmas Reindeer Necklace is lovingly created. Afterward, it’s stored. Finally, your reindeer jewelry is wrapped in a colorful organza bag and shipped to you in 1 to 3 business days.

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Nickel free.

We donate 5% of gross sales to animal charities and jewelry for raffles.

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