• Ferret cremains box
  • Ferret Cremains Box
  • Ferret Cremains Box
  • Ferret Cremains Box

Wooden Ferret Cremains Box With a Ferret Drawing


Provide your beloved ferret with a beautiful, final resting place.  Suitable for display or keep in a private shrine.

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Our stunning wooden ferret cremains box, complete with a ferret drawing, is suitable for display or keep in a private shrine. The saddest day has arrived.  Your beloved pet ferret gets his wings and leaves you to cross the Rainbow Bridge.   There is nothing but grief in your heart and his lifetime of memories with you. Provide his/her ferret cremains with a beautiful, final resting place. It is a highly detailed wooden box.  It has the drawing of a ferret on the outside.   Your pet ferret on the inside.  A memorial for the remembrance of your loving pet.

  • 6 inches x  4.75 inches w x 3 inches with a broader base.
  • Beveled top and a broader base
  • Held closed on the bottom by 2 screws

Ferrets are such wonderful pets.  Always happy and active between long stretches of napping.  Their goal in life is to steal and stash everything that catches their fancy.  One will love pens, while another will raid the silverware drawer for butter knives.  A disty stinky sock is a perfect toy.  Guess what?  Your ferret will soon own more socks than you do.  Their antics will drive you nuts.  Goofy little animals who engage in mischief and war dancing make you laugh.  They burn so brightly for such a short period.  Then poof their gone. Off to the Rainbow Bridge to drive the angels crazy.

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