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Heart locket and key earrings are ideal for a woman with everything. Coordinate these earrings with any ensemble from business casual to everyday wear. The heart is frequently used as a symbol of love and affection and is the emotional center. Relationships at the heart level involve biology, psychology, and cultural tenets.

• Heart locket and key charms – silvertone metal alloy, the heart is 0.75 inches x 0.5 inches, and the dangling key is 0.5 inches x .25 inches, for a total of 1 inch

• Steel French wires

• Earrings hang 1.25 inches

The heart was closely linked to romantic love. However, the earliest known depiction of a heart shape was discovered on a coin in ancient Cyrene, near present-day Shahhat, Libya, dating from 510-490 BC. In recent years, the same heart icon with two lobes and a bottom V design has become common. The heart became the seat of the soul. Jewelry with the heart symbol has grown in popularity as a way to express one’s feelings by giving a token of affection.

During the Victorian era, heart-shaped lockets were the preferred accessory and a symbol of undying love, devotion, and fashion. They’d wear jewelry with coded messages, such as padlocks and keys, to covertly express their love and passion. Ladies wore locks as amulets to protect themselves from the perils of unrequited love. In this case, the man was holding the key.

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