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Irish knotwork heart earrings  The two hearts that form the Celtic love knot are intertwined to represent the love between a couple. The Celts utilized this lovely sign to celebrate their romantic relationships. They tie knots around each other the way modern couples exchange rings.

  • An ornamental heart knot Size:0.75×0.75 inches (2×2 cm) Made of an alloy
  • Suspended by steel French wires

These earrings are entirely handmade.

Most historians agree that we first saw interwoven patterns in Roman Empire handicrafts. After appearing in the third and fourth centuries A.D., knot designs swiftly made their way onto mosaic floor patterns. Many different cultures, including the Byzantines, the Celts, the Copts, and the Muslims, made great use of this art in their own architectural and artistic practices.

Meanwhile, Celtic knot and interlace designs emerged during the pre-Christian and post-Christian periods. Spirals, stairways, and critical patterns are some of the earliest and most ubiquitous motifs, all of which predate Christianity. But, in the third and fourth centuries, motifs involving interlace, looping, braiding, and knotting rose to prominence. As time passed, these designs morphed into the familiar Celtic Love Knot.

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