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Round knotwork earrings  Charms with a circular pattern of knots. They are hanging Celtic knot earrings in the shape of a circle. Charms. “Doire” is French for “oak tree.” An oak tree was once thought to embody such virtues as sagacity, hardiness, and authority. One such name for oak is “Forest King.”

  • Charms, metal alloy.75 inches (2 mm) long,
  • Steel, French wires

These earrings are entirely handmade.

Over the centuries, the significance of Celtic knots has evolved dramatically. Named after an Irish term meaning “interlace,” this emblem also has intricate interlacing.

There are many variations of the Dara Celtic knot, but they all have the same symbolic meaning: the trunk and limbs of an oak tree. Although it is a relatively recent invention, many see it as a superior alternative to the traditional Quaternary knot.

Variations in color rendering between browsers and displays are possible.

Round knotwork earrings packaged in a box, with an organza bag and a plastic bag. One to three business days for shipping.

We ship everywhere in the world! All international orders are subject to possible customs fees.

Lacking nickel

Jewelry is donated for raffles, and 5% of all sales are given to animal charities.

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