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Triquetra earrings, sometimes called Irish love knot earrings, feature a little open triquetra within a circular pendant. Allure made of silver metal.

The Trinity Knot sometimes called the Triquetra, best represents the boundless love for which the Celts are famed. But, of course, there’s a solid reason why this knot is so well-known: it’s a Celtic Trinity. Stone sculptures and crosses, antique jewelry, and illuminated manuscripts like the Book of Kells are all excellent examples.

  • Triquetra earrings The dime’s dimensions are 14 mm by 13 mm (.5 inch x .5 inch), made of a metal alloy
  • Displayed by the use of French wires made of steel

These earrings are entirely handmade.

The Christian belief in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit frequently uses the Trinity Knot, which is rich in symbolism. The emblem had been used in pre-Christian civilizations, but St. Patrick of the 5th century C.E. formally adopted it as a Christian symbol. The three points of the Triquetra symbolize various aspects of cultural and spiritual beliefs, including the three stages of life (birth, life, and death), the three levels of Celtic pagan beliefs, the trinity of spiritual principles of Christianity, or the three cycles of the feminine (birth, death, and rebirth).

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