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Knotwork triangle earrings are an example of Irish knotwork. The only examples of Celtic art are geometric designs like spirals, keys, and steps, as shown in the triangular knotwork triangle earrings. It’s theorized that the Celts’ faith forbade them from representing animals, plants, and humans as examples of the creator’s handiwork.

  • Triangle charm 75 Inch x.75 inch triangle pendant (2 cm x 2 cm) alloy metal with a silvery hue
  • Displayed by the use of French wires made of steel

Handmade drop/dangle earrings.

Before the Celts were Christianized (about A.D. 450), their art was limited to strictly geometric designs. Patterns like this may be found throughout early Christian writings and artwork, often in near-identical form. There is no denying the profound impact of pagan Celtic art on Christian Celtic art. Yet, knotwork first appeared in Christian era artwork. Christians among the Celts embellished their art with knotwork and representations of humans, plants, and animals.

Variations in color rendering between browsers and displays are possible.

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