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Mermaid or Dragon Scales Heart Earrings make for the most eye-catching jewelry due to their shifting colors, heart shape, and French steel wires. These are the top choice of fashion-forward women who want to add color to their life. Not only do these heart-shaped earrings give off an elegant and expensive look, but their being dual-colored adds to their versatility, enabling them to match many different outfits.

* Two-tone puffed heart charms
* 0.75 inches x 0.75 inches (1.5 cm x 1.5 cm) hearts
* Steel French wires

Handmade earrings to pamper yourself. Hand-crafted with love and care.

In our fantasy world, the dragon scales are collected in a remote forest or the mermaid scales from the sunny rocks where the merpeople like to gather. Then, a talented artisan crafts them into jewelry. The demand for the scales of fantastical creatures is recognized by discriminating collectors everywhere. The colors are breathtaking. The jewelry makes a standout addition to your collection of the wonderous.

These earrings are graceful, classic, and timeless. Therefore, regardless of the occasion, you can be the most fashion-forward personality in the room by wearing these glamorous earrings. Moreover, two tones of colors have their own glory and importance in the structure of these earrings, as the iridescent quality adds another fantastical element to the already fantasy-driven jewelry piece.

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Our Mermaid or Dragon Scales Heart Earrings are boxed, wrapped in a colorful organza bag, and bagged in plastic. Your heart-shaped earrings ship in 1 to 3 Business days.

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