Orange and Black Wire Wrapped Bracelet 1968


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Orange and black wire wrapped bracelet

Orange and black wire wrapped bracelet in fall harvest colors or Halloween. Black and Orange were purposefully chosen as Halloween colors because of the fall-winter connection that the holiday represents. Orange represents the warmth of autumn and the end of the harvest season. In contrast, black symbolizes the cold, dark, and long winter.

Braided bracelet of coated copper wire
7 inch bracelet with clasp and safety chain
Adjustable, stackable

Handmade bracelet. Ancient time, the Celts’ timeline year began on November 1 rather than January 1. This date marked the end of the harvesting season and the beginning of winter. According to the article, the Celts believed that November 1 was the time of the year when the spirits of the departed returned, allowing priests to make accurate predictions about the future, particularly about crops and nature. People would dress up in costumes, make sacrifices to the dead, and build bonfires to commemorate the day (known as Samhain to the Celts). In other words, before October 31 became synonymous with candy and pet costumes, it was a slightly different type of celebration (but a celebration nonetheless – and a holiday).

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