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Ferret wine glass charms make it possible to identify each individual glass in a set. Let the ferrets enlighten you on the matter. (On the off chance that they don’t hide the glass away somewhere,) Each vibrant wine glass charm was artfully crafted with beads made of Czech glass that had been faceted and fire polished. A pewter ferret charm of the highest quality was affixed to each one by our team. We were motivated to design and produce this ferret barware by a buddy who enjoys drinking wine but whose guests were unable to distinguish between the various glasses.

* 4 wine glass charms with a ferret bead design * dark blue, red, green, and white * 4 mm fire-polished AB Czech glass * 4 wine glass charms measuring 1 inch (2.5 cm) in length

Items for the ferret’s bar that have been handcrafted.

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The ferret wine glass charms that we provide are handmade with great care. After that, it is put into storage. You will receive your ferret barware within one to three business days after it has been packaged in a vibrant organza bag and mailed to you.

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