Bonefish Keychain 1988K


This sculpted Pewter Bonefish Keychain, also known as Albula vulpes, is beautifully carved into utilitarian Game Fish art, and it is certain to please the fly fishing enthusiast who is interested in tropical flats.


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This sculpted Pewter Bonefish Keychain Albula vulpes. is expertly crafted into functional Game Fish art, sure to please the tropical flats fly fishing enthusiast.

• Fine pewter 1.7 inches long X .6 inches tall ( 4.318 cm x 1.524 cm)
• Sturdy keychain The especially detailed Keychains are cast in lead-free Fine Pewter with a chain and split ring (as shown) to hold your keys.

Bonefish were once believed to be a single species with a global distribution, however 9 different species have since been identified. There are three identified species in the Atlantic and six in the Pacific. Albula vulpes is the largest and most widespread of the Atlantic species.[4]

This species inhabits warm subtropical and tropical waters of the western Atlantic, and is found off the coasts of southern Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, and the West Indies.[

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