Chinook or King Salmon Keychain 2000K


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This sculpted Pewter Chinook or King Salmon Keychain Oncorhynchus tshawytscha is beautifully fashioned into utilitarian game fish art. It is guaranteed to please fishing enthusiasts from the Great Lakes, the West Coast, and Alaska.

  • Elegant pewter pendant measuring 3 inches in length and .7 inch in height (5.842 cm x 2.032 cm)  Robust keychain The incredibly detailed keychains are made from lead-free fine pewter and come equipped with a chain and split ring (as demonstrated) to keep your keys in place.
  • The Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) is the largest and most valuable species of Pacific salmon in North America. It is also the largest member of the genus Oncorhynchus. The Chinook salmon is pronounced “nok.”


The Chinookan peoples are the source of the common name for this animal. The species is also known by the vernacular names king salmon, Quinnat salmon, Tsumen, spring salmon, chrome hog, Blackmouth, and Tyee salmon. Other names include spring salmon. The Russian popular name, chavycha, served as the inspiration for the scientific name of the species.

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