Great White Shark Keychain 2011K


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This sculpted Pewter Great White Shark Keychain, Carcharodon carcharias, is beautifully carved into utilitarian predatory fish art, and it is certain to please the surfer, the shark fisherman, and the Jaws lover who purchases it.

  • Pewter of the finest quality, 8 inches in length and 0.7 inches in height ( 4.572 cm x 1.778 cm)
  • Keyring is made of durable material. The particularly intricate details The keychains are made from lead-free Fine Pewter and come equipped with a chain and split ring (as displayed) to keep your keys in place.

Although many people have the misconception that these animals are dangerous man-eaters, the fact is that humans are not on the diet of great white sharks. Phew! There are perhaps five to ten assaults every year, however researchers believe that rather than preying on humans with the intention of eating them, the sharks are simply taking a “sample bite” out of curiosity before swimming away.

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