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This sculpted Pewter Sailfish Keychain is expertly crafted into functional Game Fish art, sure to please the acrobatic blue water Billfish enthusiast.

  • Pewter pendant measuring 2 inches in length and.8 inches in height (5.08 cm x 2.032 cm) the ones that are particularly specific
  • The keychains are made from lead-free Fine Pewter and come equipped with a chain and split ring (as displayed) to keep your keys in place.

Carnivorous and a member of the family Centrarchidae (sunfish), the largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) is a species of black bass that is native to the eastern and central United States, southeastern Canada, and northern Mexico, but has been widely introduced elsewhere.

It is known by a variety of names based on the region in which it is found, including the widemouth bass, bigmouth bass, black bass, bucketmouth, largies, Potter’s fish, Florida bass, Florida largemouth, green bass, bucketmouth bass, Green trout, gilsdorf bass, Oswego bass, LMB, southern largemouth, and northern largemouth.

There are one or two different species of marine fish in the genus Istiophorus, both of which are classified as members of the family Istiophoridae (marlins). They have a distinctively big dorsal fin known as the sail, which often runs the entire length of the back, and they often have a coloration that ranges from mostly blue to gray. In the world of sport fishing, marlins and swordfish are collectively referred to as “billfish,” due to their elongated rostrums, which are also known as “bills.” Another distinguishing feature of this species is that it has a rostrum that is longer than that of other marlins. Sailfish are found in the more frigid pelagic waters of all of the world’s oceans, and they are the marine animals that have been clocked moving the fastest.

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We give out 5% of our total purchases to charity that help animals, as well as jewelry for raffles. Both Georgia[4] and Mississippi[5] have designated the largemouth bass as their state fish. and

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