Walleye Keychain 1989K


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This sculpted Pewter Walleye Keychain Sander Vitreus is expertly carved into utilitarian game fish art, and it is certain to gratify the walleyed pike fan who purchases it.

• Pewter of excellent quality, measuring 1.9 inches in length and 0.7 inches in height ( 4.826 cm x 1.778 cm)
• A keychain made of a durable material These exceptionally detailed keychains are made from lead-free fine pewter and come equipped with a chain and split ring (as pictured) to keep your keys in place.

The yellow pickerel, also known as the walleye (Sander vitreus or its synonym Stizostedion vitreum), is a species of freshwater perciform fish that is indigenous to most of Canada and the Northern United States. Other names for this fish include the yellow pike, yellow pikeperch, and yellow pickerel. It is a close relative of the pikeperch, also known as the European zander, which may be found in both North America and Europe. The walleye is sometimes referred to as the yellow walleye to differentiate it from the blue walleye, which was a color morph that was once found in the southern Ontario and Quebec regions but is now thought to be extinct. The yellow walleye is distinguished from the blue walleye by its yellow coloring. [4] However, recent genetic analysis of a preserved (frozen) sample of ‘blue walleye’ suggests that blue and yellow walleye were simply phenotypes within the same species and do not merit separate taxonomic classification. This conclusion is based on the fact that both phenotypes were found in the same preserved sample. [
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