Yellowfin Tuna Keychain 1992K


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This sculpted Pewter Yellowfin Tuna Keychain Thunnus albacares. is expertly created into utilitarian Game Fish art, and it is guaranteed to please the sashimi, spicy tuna, grilled ahi, and Allison tuna aficionado who purchases it.

• Pendant made of high-quality pewter, measuring 1.5 inches in length and 0.7 inches in height ( 3.81 cm x 1.778 cm)
• Robust key ring or chain The incredibly detailed keychains are made from lead-free fine pewter and come equipped with a chain and split ring (as demonstrated) to keep your keys in place.

One of the species of tuna known as the yellowfin tuna, or Thunus albacares, can be found in the pelagic seas of tropical and subtropical oceans worldwide.

It is common practice to market yellowfin tuna under the name ahi, which originates from the Hawaiian word ahi and is also the term given to the similarly related bigeye tuna.

The name of the species, albacares (which literally translates to “white flesh”), can sometimes lead to confusion: in English, the albacore (Thunnus alalunga) is a separate species, whereas yellowfin tuna is officially named albacore in French and referred to as albacora by Portuguese fisherman.

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