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Pewter Alligator on Black Cord 3088


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American Alligator on a black cord (Alligator mississipiensis). You can show your support for the Florida Gators and your love of the reptiles of the Everglades with this intricately detailed Pewter alligator pendant.

Beautiful pewter necklace 1.5 inches in length x 0.8 inches in height (3.8 cm x 2 cm)

Necklace with a faux leather clasp and a black string. The dimensions are 18 inches (45 cm) in length and 2 inches (5 cm) extender chain. It’s 20 inches in length, but it’s adjustable (51 cm) Fastened with a secure lobster clasp

A necklace that is handcrafted with care.

Known simply as a “gator,” an alligator is a colossal reptile belonging to the genus Alligator, family Alligatoridae, and Crocodilia order. American alligators (A. mississippiensis) and Chinese alligators (A. huali) are the only two living species of their genus (A. sinensis). In addition, fossils of several formerly-living alligator species have been discovered. Alligators made their debut about 37 million years ago in the Oligocene epoch. Early Spanish explorers and settlers in Florida referred to alligators as el lagarto, or “the lizard,” hence the

English word “alligator” is likely an anglicized variant of this Spanish word. The name was later spelled as allagarta and alagarto in English. The color you see will depend on the browser and the screen you’re using.

The American alligator on black cord is packaged in a box with an organza bag and a plastic bag. Your gator necklace will be shipped to you within 1-3 business days.

Delivery is possible in any country in the world. Orders delivered to countries other than the United States may be subject to import duties and taxes. Nickel free.

For fundraising purposes, we give away jewelry and give away a percentage of our sales to animal welfare organizations.

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