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Box Turtle Necklace on Black Cord 3087


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Box turtle necklaceon a black cord, carolina terrapene, Number 1. Wearable Box Tortoise art, this Pewter Box Turtle Pendant is sculpted to perfection and will gratify any fan of these long-lived terrestrial reptiles. Sea Turtle jewelry gift symbolizes Because of their long lifespan. Sea turtles often symbolize patience, wisdom, endurance, and good luck. •

  • Box turtle pendant, Fine fine pewter pendant length: 1.4 inches; height:.7 inches (3.5 cm x 1.7 cm)
  • Black cord, faux leather black cord,  18 inch (45 cm) chain, 2 inches (5 cm) extender chain Adjustable to 20 inches (51 cm), Secured with a lobster claw clasp

A necklace that is handcrafted with care. Terrapene carolina, more often known as the common box turtle, is a species of a box turtle that includes six recognized subspecies. It inhabits much of Mexico and the eastern United States. To protect itself from predators, the box turtle’s shell may be lowered and hinged shut, giving it the appearance of a box. Its upper jaw’s long, curving shape. It lives mainly on land and feeds on a wide range of plant and animal life. In the summer, the females produce the young. For the winter, turtles in the northern parts of their range sleep. Due to habitat loss, road mortality, and capture for the pet trade, common box turtle populations are in decline.

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