Crackled Golden Agate and Orange Faceted Beaded Necklace 1985


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Our Colorful Crackled Golden Agate and Orange Faceted Beaded Necklace symbolize love and happiness. Golden leaf agate, commonly known as golden leaf jasper, is a dark brown opaque stone with tan or golden patterns.

The majority of the women select the beaded necklace as the representation of attraction and humbleness. Also, the inclusion and connection of orange beads enhance the impression of the necklace with a different mind-blowing angle. The front is made of big transparent and bright beads that contain the chain, and there are tiny beads that follow both sides until the lobster claw clasp comes. The central bead is so bright and increases the beauty of the orange faceted beaded necklace.

Crackled gold agate and gold agate pendant are strongly associated with mind, body, and spirit. Also, it is reliable for those who want to control their anger and work according to positive energy. This necklace is designed to keep in mind every type of outfit and the people with different preferences. You can present this golden crackled agate, and orange faceted beaded necklace to your soulmate on her birthday, marriage ceremony, or other remarkable incidents.

* 6 16 mm crackle gold agates
* 1 26 mm gold agate pendant
* 20 inches (50 mm) necklace
* 2 inches (5 cm) extender chain
* Adjustable

Handmade necklace or wear as a bold wrap bracelet.

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