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A silvertone knotwork heart necklace is a popular addition to jewelry collections and resale stock because of the many meanings it may represent: friendship, family, and especially love. In addition, Celtic knots appear to have no beginning or end, so they were frequently used to symbolize eternity. Careful casting on a heart shape displays an exquisite Celtic knot design on both sides of this charming pendant. *Bead charm shaped like a heart with an intricate network. Metal alloy, 0.75 x 0.75 inches (2 × 2 cm) *Metallic silver plated chain With a 2-inch extension, this necklace measures 18 inches (41 cm). Size-adjustable up to 20 inches. The necklace was made by hand. Celtic and Anglo-Saxon traditions blended to create the distinctive “Celtic” art we see today as Christianity expanded over the British Isles. One of the first documents of Celtic love knots and their variants is the famous Book of Kells, written in the 9th century C.E. Variations in color rendering between browsers and displays are possible. This beautiful necklace has a knotwork heart and is packaged in a gift box, an organza bag, and a plastic bag. One to three business days for shipping. You may order and have it shipped anywhere in the world. However, all international orders are subject to possible customs fees. Without nickel. Jewelry is donated for raffles, and 5% of all sales are given to animal charities.

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