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Orange enamel jack o’lantern necklace with black cutout face, According to the folklore depicted on this Jack O’Lantern pendant necklace, Jack O’Lantern was actually a human being. Orange enamel metal alloy Jack-O’-Lantern pendant, measuring 0.6 by 0.7 inches (15 by 18 centimeters) Length of 18-inch necklace (45 cm) A silver-toned necklace Chain that can be lengthened by another two inches (five centimeters) Height is customizable up to 20 inches (51 cm) Fastened with a receptacle like a lobster’s claw Crafted by hand, a necklace. Bringing out the Jack-O’-Lanterns has always been a part of Halloween celebrations. The custom is supposedly named after Stingy Jack from an Irish folktale. .Jack’s death came soon after. In popular belief, God would never admit such a vile individual to heaven. The Devil was so incensed by Jack’s trick that he wouldn’t even let him into hell to claim his soul. In the utter darkness of the night, Jack had just that tiny piece of coal to light his way. Jack has been traveling the world ever since, stuffing a coal-filled turnip he carved out of a potato. Irish people first used the names “Jack of the Lantern” and then “Jack O’Lantern” for this spectral figure. The color you see will depend on the browser and the screen you’re using. We package our Jack O’Lantern pendant necklace in a box,, an organza bag, and a plastic bag. We’ll have your pumpkin necklace sent to you in 1–3 business days .Your order can be shipped anywhere in the world. Orders placed from outside the US may be subject to import duties and taxes. There is no nickel in this product. Raffle proceeds and five percent of all sales are given to organizations that help animals. I

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