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Red Carnelian beaded necklace is July’s birthstone, along with the ruby.

Carnelian is a reddish-brown mineral that is commonly used as a semi-precious gemstone. The red, orange and green hues of this stone have made it a popular choice among jewelry designers. Carnelian stones are well-known for their elegance and natural shine. They are not only beautiful but also very durable stones that can last for centuries if properly cared for. In addition, it’s been used to create unique and subtle jewelry. Because carnelian is a one-of-a-kind stone, you should wear it as jewelry.

* 6 mm round, red beads
20-inch necklace
* 2-inch stainless steel extender chain
* Adjustable
* Secured with a lobster claw clasp

Handmade necklace or wear as a wrap bracelet.

Stone lore says you’ll find many health benefits from wearing carnelian gemstones, including increased energy, clearer skin, improved vision, enhanced sleep, more energy, a stronger immune system, clearer skin, and better memory. If you want a grounding and protective stone while Carnelian is doing its energy work, add in some Rainbow Obsidian or Black Tourmaline.

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Our Red Carnelian beaded necklace is lovingly created. Afterward, it’s stored. Finally, your red gemstone necklace is wrapped in a colorful organza bag and shipped to you in 1 to 3 business days.

Worldwide shipping available. Customs taxes may apply on orders shipped outside the US.

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