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Silver Crazy Lace Heart Necklace has many colors, and designs of crazy lace agate are like a gorgeous quilt that you want to curl across yourself. Creamy browns, blacks, golds, and a few pinks swirl together to shape complex patterns that separate this agate. Use as-is or in combination with other earth-toned gemstones.

Whether for use in strands, earrings, or pendants, it complements autumn fashions and provides a nice change from the bright colors of summer. Use it anywhere you want to combine serenity, earth tones, and your own individuality.

* .75 inches x .75 inches (1.5 cm x 1.5 cm) crazy lace hearts
* 6 mm round, silver crazy lace beads
* 20 inches (51 cm) beaded necklace
* 2 inches (5 cm) extender chain
* Adjustable to 20 inches (51 cm)
* Secured with a lobster claw clasp

Handmade necklace. Also known as Mexican Crazy lace agate stone is known as the laughter stone. It is a newish mineral compared to many other minerals on the planet. This lacy agate is just found in Chihuahua, Northern Mexico. It is known not only for its stunning banded patterns but also for its potent healing energies.

Because it can only be found in Mexico, crazy lace agate retains a lot of that country’s energy. The primarily tribal powers from ancient cultures are still shrouded in mystery. There is evidence that the earliest inhabitants of Mexico wore this agate as an amulet for endurance and courage in battle.

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