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Translucent Moonstone and Gold Accents Necklace is a unique, ethereal gemstone. It is usually white or silvery with a blue glow that seems to come from within. Moonstone is also found in Labradorite and in Sunstone, as well as in Rainbow Moonstone and Amazonite. Two minerals that combine to make Moonstone form a layered structure within the stone. Moonstone’s well-known adularescence is caused by light passing through these tiny layers. The ancients compared this particular “shine” to the glint of the moon, hence the name. As people have become more knowledgeable about the stone and its alleged virtues in recent years, moonstone jewelry has become popular. Jewelry is no exception to the trend of reducing things to their essentials. A moonstone ring is an excellent choice if your style leans toward clean lines and essential silhouettes. Moonstones bead: 6 mm round white with black inclusions (streaks), round, 6 mm, and 6 mm goldtone metal accent beads. About 20 inch (51 cm) necklace. Closes with a lobster claw clasp and 2-inch (5 cm) extension chain. Adjustable to 22 inches (56 cm). Handmade necklace. Stone Moonstone and especially moonstone jewelry is prized because it is believed to help its wearer develop a greater sense of compassion, understanding, and empathy. It helps open up more significant intuition and enhances psychic abilities and clairvoyance. Moonstone tapped into the feminine energy and was anciently believed to aid in human sexuality. Increased intuition and insight are also reported benefits of wearing moonstone. Color viewing can differ with the browser and monitor used. Our Moonstone and Gold Accents Necklace is boxed, wrapped in a colorful organza bag, and bagged in plastic. Your white gemstone necklace ships in 1 to 3 Business days. Worldwide shipping is available. Customs taxes may apply on orders shipped outside the US. Nickel free. We donate 5% of gross sales to animal charities and jewelry to raffles to help with fundraising

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