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The Amethyst beaded necklace, a violet variety of quartz, is February’s birthstone. Amethyst is known for its beautiful purple color, ranging from delicate lilac to deep violet and royal tones. Because it resembled wine to the ancient Greeks, they and the Romans speculated that the gem may be used to prevent intoxication. The Greek term for “not intoxicated,” amethystos, was used to give it a name. People would use it to carve drinking glasses or make jewelry. Regardless of whether or not they drank, at least they did so in a fashionable manner.

• Stone lore says Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification, cleansing one’s energy field of negative influences and attachments,
• Bead: round, 5 mm, Amethyst.
• Almost transparent when the light hits them.
• About 20 (51 cm) inches with a 2-inch (5 cm) extender chain.
• Adjustable to 22 inches (56 cm).

If the stone is not so dark that it diminishes its brightness, dealers prefer strongly saturated reddish purple to dark purple. However, if the Amethyst’s color is too dark, it may seem black in low light.

Handmade necklace. Because Amethyst is a durable stone, it can be worn daily without fear of damage. Crystals such as rose quartz, clear quartz, carnelian, and citrine work well with Amethyst. Many of the remarkable characteristics of these strong stones are similar to those of Amethyst. You might be surprised to find that gem-quality Amethyst was formerly valued on par with rubies, commemorated in folklore and literature.

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