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Pewter Great Horned Owl necklace is perched on a limb of the tree, and the moon can be seen in the distance.

  • Pewter pendant has a height of 1.75 inches (4.4 cm) and a width of 1 inch (2.5 cm).
  • Necklace with a chain that is 18 inches (45 cm) in length and a silver-tone finish, with an extension chain that is 2 inches (5 cm) long and can be adjusted to 20 inches (51 cm). The lobster claw clasp is closed.

Necklace that was hand-made.

The Great Horned Owl, with its long, ear-like tufts, scary yellow-eyed look, and booming hooting sound, is the owl that is most commonly portrayed in children’s literature and movies. This ferocious hunter is capable of bringing down birds and animals that are much larger than it is, but it also enjoys more delicate prey such as small scorpions, mice, and frogs for its meals. It is one of the most common owls in North America and may be found in a wide variety of semi-open habitats, including deserts, marshes, woods, grasslands, backyards, towns, and virtually any other semi-open environment between the Arctic and the tropics.

Totem or animal representing one’s spirit…

Since ancient times, people have connected the owl with supernatural and mystical power. The owl is a prominent emblem of patience, sharp vision, and wisdom in Celtic iconography.

Our product is carefully crafted by hand. The item is then put into storage. Your purchase is placed in a vibrant organza bag before being packaged and sent your way.

Nickel is absent from both the pendant and the chain.

We give out five percent of our total revenue to organizations that help animals and raffle off jewelry.

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