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Round Irish knotwork necklace pendant is fashioned from an Irish knot. “Daur,” as the oak tree was considered the gateway to the Fairy Realm. In several Irish myths, trees play a significant role.

Charm in the shape of a circular hollow knot, plated in silver. Necklace, metal alloy, 0.75 inches (2 mm)

A necklace is 18 inches (45 cm) long and has a 2 inch (5 cm) extension chain made of silver-plated steel. Collapsible to a 20-inch width (51 cm). Secures with a lobster clasp closure.

Beaded necklace made by hand.

The Axis Mundi, or global center, was symbolized by an oak tree, making it the holiest of trees. The term “door” comes from the Celtic word for oak, It was said that if one were to sleep near a specific tree, they would awaken in the land of the fairies. It’s associated with virtues like sagacity, fortitude, and longevity. When the Celts sawed down their sacred tree, they believed their adversaries would be left helpless.

Variations in color rendering between browsers and displays are possible.

Irish knotwork necklace packaged in a box, with an organza bag and a plastic bag. One to three business days for shipping.

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Without nickel.

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