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Our Jade Green Quartz Necklace is perfect to Live a little and treat yourself to a gem. Coordinate this with any ensemble from business casual to everyday wear.

Are you looking to incorporate classic elegance while sticking to a budget? Dolomite is a beautiful quartz stone with a striking resemblance to marble. Mountain “jade,” a relatively soft stone, is a dyed high-grade Asian dolomite marble. It is dyed with vibrant colors and widely used by fine costume jewelry designers due to its resemblance to high-quality gemstones.

* 6 mm round, dyed quartz gemstone necklace
* 20 inches long. (51 cm)
* Gold-tone steel lobster claw clasp

Handmade necklace or wear as a wrap bracelet.

Stone lore says dolomite aids in contacting your true self to the spiritual world, bringing forth new and refreshing thoughts and ideas. It is a stone that can provide the wearer with a great deal of peace. It accomplishes this by assisting the wearer in opening his heart and trusting himself, thereby bringing confidence, self-love, and inner certainty.

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