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About Us

Kathy Gallagher

You are our inspiration

You are why we do what we do.

We are thrilled that everyone who uses, buys, and wears or gives ours as gifts jewelry knows they are getting sturdy charm jewelry and unique one-of-a-kind pieces worthy of the Dragon Queen.

Celtic Mink Jewelry is a unique online store that offers traditional and modern handcrafted jewelry designed and handcrafted by the founder, Kathy, from 10/14. Inspired by her Irish ancestral heritage, Kathy started this business as a hobby, and since then, there has been no looking back. She has more than 15 years of jewelry-making experience and a passion for growing and progressing.

Brian Boru the Brat Mink

My Story


My name is Kathy, and I am the owner and founder of Celtic Mink Jewelry and Treasures Inc.

Named after my loving furry friends, my 10 pet mink, and my profound fondness towards my ancestral Irish heritage, Celtic Mink Jewelry was established in 2014. My hobby was designing and crafting simple yet attractive jewelry inspired by regional art and culture.

With a bit of support from my son, Teddy, and guidance from my close friend Tasia, I started to sell my artistically hand-crafted jewelry pieces through various online platforms like Facebook, Etsy, Poshmark, and other virtual marketplaces on the internet.

To my good luck, my products were an instant success. There was a huge demand for my innovative yet traditional jewelry pieces, the inspired designs, and the handcrafted elegance of my creations. In times to follow, I also started to fulfill customer demands for bespoke or customized jewelry.

What I Offer

I started practicing my passion for jewelry-making very late in life. But now, I cannot imagine a life without it. Through my online store, I offer a wide variety of handcrafted nature-inspired or imaginative jewelry made from high-quality premium materials.
I do everything from simple pendants to traditional charms to complex beaded necklaces and earrings. Infusing a mixture of glass beads, wire wrappings, chainmail, and gemstones, I design and create unique, exclusive pieces that won’t be found anywhere else in the market.

My wide range of jewelry collections includes contemporary and classic fashion jewelry, fine semi-precious jewelry, and customized pieces for bespoke clients.

As for my animal friends, I also offer pet jewelry. Designed with imagination, there is wildlife jewelry designed and styled with animal inspirations, including fish and birds.

We have a wide variety of artisan beaded glass jewelry and gemstones mined from the cold earth and freshwater pearls from the warm seas. For cosplay or historical recreation, there is chainmail jewelry and bags.

Suitable for wearing on a daily basis, my jewelry is trendy, stylish, and affordable.

What I Stand For<

I am an animal lover. My pet minks have been an inspiration and muse for my creativity. It has stimulated me to do what I do today.

Being so near and dear to my heart, I have committed to donating 5% of all my gross sales to Mink International Rescue and Recovery, an animal welfare organization dedicated to the well-being of minks.

I also support several other animal charities and organizations working for various animal causes.